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Email Marketing Remains One of the Highest Drivers
of Conversions for Online Marketing

Even Higher than Social Media!

Email marketing is a form of content marketing, and it can be used in different ways. Emails can be sent as newsletters or email blasts on a weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis or they can be used for drip campaigns or promotions.

An email marketing campaign will use a platform like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Lead Liaison to distribute marketing content to an email list. Individual emails include professionally designed, image rich content, and links to your website and social media.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

We know that people want content that adds value to their lives.
That´s why we combine email marketing with other content marketing strategies like blogging or social media posting .
Combining strategic content streams will create value for your email campaign.

We adhere to email marketing best practices to ensure your campaigns are reaching your customers.
All of our email marketing campaigns are compatible with multiple email platforms, fully mobile responsive,
following the legal guidelines of implied consent and offering unsubscribe buttons in every email.

Email marketing is an effective tool for building your brand, boosting website traffic, and increasing business.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Your Business

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What are you currently doing to reach out to your customers?
If you´re like most businesses, then you may have a large contact
list or client database but you aren´t leveraging this resource to its
full potential.
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Ensure you stay 'top of mind' for your clients.
Email marketing is a great tool for delivering valuable content,
special offers, and industry news on a regular basis. An effective email
marketing campaign will allow your business to build
relationships with past and current customers over the long-term.
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Email marketing is a proven lead generator.
By populating your emails with valuable content from blogs and social
media, you can direct readers back to your website and
encourage them to convert with smart Calls To Action.
Email allows you to reach your audience at many stages along the
purchasing journey and nurture your customer relationship at every point
along the way.