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A landing page refers to any page that users will ‘land on’ when they arrive on your website. A standalone page created for a specific purpose and are built to present an offer and encourage website visitors to make an immediate decision about this offer.

A good landing page will amplify the results of your other digital marketing efforts.

You have to get your shot just rigth!

A good landing page can dramatically increase your ability to score on your website
and by score, we mean generate leads.
At Intrigue Media, we know that combining online advertising initiatives with a
well-crafted landing page gets higher conversion rates and better results for your business.
If your business is running a Google Adwords campaign,
our team will recommend a customized landing page to match your campaign strategy.
Customized landing pages have significantly improved the performance of our client’s
campaigns and helped their businesses maximize their Return on Investment (ROI).

  The key to a
landing page

Ensuring the content is consistent and relevant to your business.
When planning a new page, the first step in our process is to understand
the offer that your business is trying to present.

Who are you targeting with this page?
What buying situations will prompt people to take action?
Why is your offer unique or superior?

Our team will develop content based around your offer, to appeal
to both visitors and search engines.
Once completed, the landing page can be used to boost other marketing efforts.
If you are running a Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign,
we strongly recommend that you pair it with a Landing Page.