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Rebuilding a Website is
Like Renovating a House

Your website may just need a minor adjustment (like painting),
or it may need more extensive renovations (like an extension).
However, sometimes you just need to knock it down and start over
because the cost of a rebuild would be greater than building it correctly
from scratch!

Of course nobody wants to be in the latter category when they’ve
already forked out a lot of money for their existing website.

But if your website is not working for you, you’ve effectively
made an investment that is not paying dividends.

If you’re in this situation you essentially have two choices: do nothing
and continue to miss important business opportunities, or reinvest with
a reputable web developer who will help you cash in on new business

If your website is
three years old or more,

you’ve probably done maintenance on it already.
But if you haven’t, it’s likely that at least one of the
points below applies to you and that you should
begin planning a reboot.

1. Your business goals have changed.
2. Your site was optimized for now-obsolete browsers.
3. Your site relies too heavily upon Flash.
4. Your site is unusable on mobile devices.
5. You cannot execute your content strategy with your existing website.
6. Your database has exceeded the scale for which it was built.
7. Your site does not generate leads.
8. Your site suffers from Frankenstein Syndrome.
9. You cannot edit your current site.

Enough said.

You need to have control over your site’s content.
If you don’t, you need to have a plan to get it.

Discouraged? Don’t be.
These issues are bound to happen to any website, particularly if left alone for too long.
The good news is that none of them are unsolveable.
If you’d like to discuss a particular problem with your site or get some more information
about what rebuilding it would look like, drop us a line!